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Merchant Solutions by Metro Bancard
Merchant Solutions by Metro Bancard

Do you want to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards at the lowest rates possible? Metro Bancard™ can help you increase your top-line sales while reducing merchant fees associated with accepting credit and debit card payments.

Our Intelligent Merchant Services™ program provides you with the lowest true rates in the industry. The program was engineered by the experienced management team at Metro Bancard™, who understands that you work hard to increase your sales and refuse to pay high credit card processing fees offered to other merchants.

Whether you manage a retail storefront, restaurant, healthcare office, mail order or online business, Metro Bancard™ has the perfect payment processing solution for you. Our Intelligent Merchant Services™ program provides you with the lowest true rates in the industry.

Unlike our competitors, we do not hide behind the 3-Tier Pricing Structure, instead we offer you Interchange Pass Through Pricing.

Interchange Pass Through is known to be the most transparent and simplified pricing structure. Traditionally this highly favorable billing rate is reserved for large volume retailers; however now you can take advantage of our Intelligent Merchant Services program and reduce your credit card processing expenses tremendously.

- Quick and easy set up
- 24/7 technical / customer support
- Wholesale pricing
- No hidden fees.

Retail Solutions by Metro Bancard
Retail Solutions by Metro Bancard

The majority of consumers have already moved from cash or check transactions to credit and debit transactions because of the convenience and security. Whether you have a new start-up company or you are looking to save money on an existing business, we can help.

Why Metro Bancard is Different:

Metro Bancard is a one-source provider for all of your credit card processing, check processing and e-commerce needs. Improve customer satisfaction and boost your sales with Metro Bancard. Our services are a perfect fit for all types of retail businesses. With our rock bottom rates, you can keep your hard earned money where it belongs, in your pocket. Metro Bancard is offering our "Intelligent Merchant Services" program to small, medium and high volume businesses.

Internet Solutions by Metro Bancard
Internet Solutions by Metro Bancard

If you have a website and you are looking to receive payments for your goods or services then you must accept credit cards in order to be competitive. By accepting credit cards online you can increase your sales and income.

Metro Bancard eCommerce solutions allow merchants to sell securely from their web site, enabling customers to purchase products or services online with their choice of credit card or electronic check. We can help set your business up with an online shopping cart or Metro Bancard can integrate with your existing shopping cart.

We focus on providing a total solution by taking the time to understand your company and applying the best computer and business solutions to meet your specific needs. From the initial needs analysis to final implementation, we work with you and your team to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations and objectives.

MOTO Solutions by Metro Bancard
MOTO Solutions by Metro Bancard

Metro Bancard now offers credit card processing that is specifically designed for telephone and mail order businesses or for customers that need a virtual terminal. If you are in this type of business you already know that MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) accounts generally have one of the highest card processing fees. Not with Metro Bancard's interchange pass-through credit card processing option, you can have your MOTO convenience and save greatly per transaction cost.

A Mail Order/Telephone Order sale can be processed in the following ways:

- Hand Entered Transactions

- Point of Sale Software

- Virtual Terminal

ROAMpay delivers the highest security possible and the convenience of a mobile phone. Available for use on over 400+ phones, ROAMpay is the definitive application for processing major credit cards like Visa© and MasterCard© all on your mobile phone. With features such as real-time authorization, emailed receipts, void, and online reporting, you can trust that your business is flying at the speed of business.

  • Gardners
  • Landscapers
  • General contractors
  • HVAC and AC sales & services
  • Electricians
  • Masonry & tile contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Roofing or siding contractors
  • Taxi, limo or airport services
  • Direct sellers
  • Mobile business owners
  • Mobile market vendors: artists,
  • farmers, antique sellers

ROAM adheres to the highest possible standards in payment security. Being PCI certified (Payment Card Industry), you can trust that your transactions are processed accordingly. All customer data is encrypted before it leaves your cell phone. No personal data is retained on your cell phone.

Restaurant Solutions by Metro Bancard
Restaurant Solutions by Metro Bancard

Restaurants of all kinds have discovered that power of accepting credit cards. Whether your goals are boosting sales or providing the most popular and convenient payment options to customers, this is one of the best upgrades you can make for your restaurant business. Restaurants ranging from elegant 5-star dining to fast food chains have found that by providing credit card payments as an option they can boost their sales noticeably.

Metro Bancard has many different ways of processing your credit card transactions. If you have a fast food restaurant you will need a fast and efficient point-of-sale processing method, which Metro Bancard can provide. More upscale businesses will require a point-of-sale (POS) system that will account for tips and bar tabs that will seamlessly combine with dinner bills. Metro Bancard can provide high-end point-of-sale systems or integrate with your current standalone system.

Reduce overhead by partnering with Metro Bancard.